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Linguine from the country cottage

La Molisana presents: Linguine from the country cottage


 6 Linguine al bronzo La Molisana   320g

  • Cream butter 100 g

  • Prosciutto crudo   100g

  • Melon   1 piece

  • Flakes of caciocavallo   100g

  • Fresh sage   12 leaves



    Cut the prosciutto into julienne strips and brown them with a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, using a nonstick pan.

    In another pan gently melt the butter and flavour it with the fresh sage leaves.

    In boiling salted water cook the Linguine 6, drain the pasta al dente. Mix everything together adding the crispy prosciutto, flakes of caciocavallo, and melon pearls, prepared in advance using a melon-baller

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